State Park Rules and Regulations 

Did you know that YOU are responsible for knowing the rules and regulations when you visit a California State Park? 

California State Parks (aka Department of Parks and Recreation) has established Rules and Regulations to protect park areas for the enjoyment of future generations as well as for the convenience and safety of our visitors. To ensure your visit is a pleasant one, please observe the rules and regulations as outlined on the State Parks website.

Although it is not addressed directly on the Rules and Regulations page, we ask that you please stay on the designated trails and paths in order to help protect our plants and animals. Also, it is never acceptable to allow children (or people of any age) to harass wildlife. Please view wildlife from a distance that doesn’t cause them to flee. As the park rules and regulations state, “they are protected by Federal, State and Park laws. Disturbance or destruction of these resources is strictly forbidden.”

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