Peering Western Fence Lizard (Sceloporus occidentalis) with blue belly

There are many Amphibians and Reptiles that live in the park. King Snakes, Rattlesnakes, Garter Snakes,
and Gopher Snakes are the more common species that can be seen during the warmer months, curled
under rocks and logs or stretched out on the warm pavement of the bike trail. Several species of Skinks
and Lizards are out and about, climbing on logs, trees and rocks, looking for their next meal. Western
Pond Turtles can be found on the edges of the lake, basking on fallen trees. These cold-blooded
creatures hibernate during the winter and emerge in spring as the weather warms the ground.

There are several non-native species that also live in the park, including Bullfrogs and Red-eared Slider
Turtles. The frogs were introduced into California many decades ago, and the Sliders started out as pets
that people got tired of and released into the waterways around California. Both species now breed
readily and live alongside the native species of turtle and amphibians.