If you would like to donate to FOLFAN, but aren’t interested in a membership, we welcome your support. You can have your donation go into FOLFAN’s general account to be used as needed, or if you are particularly passionate about one of our programs, you can ensure your money goes directly to that program. Either way, we have zero overhead, so all of your donation will be used for the good of the park!

Donate to FOLFAN :  https://give-usa.keela.co/2024-donation-no-membership

Specific programs to which you may donate:

Adopt the Parkwayhttps://give-usa.keela.co/atp-donation

Art in the Parkhttps://give-usa.keela.co/art-in-the-parks-donations

Bald Eagle Interpretive Programhttps://give-usa.keela.co/bald-eagle-interpretive-program-donations

 Lake Natoma Nursery and Gardenshttps://give-usa.keela.co/native-plant-nursery-donations

 Life Jackets Save Livesgive-usa.keela.co/life-jackets-save-lives

 Any of our other initiatives not listed above can be funded through the general FOLFAN link.