Non-Member Fan 

In this age, many people are reluctant to become members of anything, including groups and organizations that they support. And yet FOLFAN can't exist without members. So we offer people a way to be a "Non-Member Fan" as a way to try-out FOLFAN before becoming dues-paying members. To do this, complete the membership form on the Contribute page, but include the word "Fan" in one of the fields. This will tell us that you wish to be a try out being a Fan before you decide to become a Member.

As a Non-Member Fan, you will receive:

  • Informative FOLFAN e-newsletters
  • Invitations to participate in select activities in the park
  • Invitations to participate in volunteer activities in the park
  • An invitation to our attend our annual Wild Night event
  • The knowledge that you are part of the FOLFAN COMMUNITY and are actively helping to expand education and recreation opportunities while also protecting the natural and cultural resources of lakes Folsom and Natoma!

Note: This is not a substitute for membership, and is not available to former FOLFAN members. It is intended to give people who are largely unfamiliar with FOLFAN an opportunity to "try us out" before commiting to an annual membership.