FOLFAN is a volunteer-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that supports the Folsom Lake State Recreation Area. If you're not familiar with us, we encourage you to look at one of our Annual Reports. If you're looking for a tax deductable donation, we encourage you to check with your tax adviser. Many of our supporters also contribute by way of giving some of their time (volunteering). We encourage that, too!

Acorn (Student): $10
Otter (Seniors): $20
Deer: $25 - $49
Eagle: $50 - $99
Oak: $100 - $499
Granite: $500 and above
Adopt-the-Parkway Financial Sponsor: $1200 and above

All the above are considered GIFTS to FOLFAN, from DONORS, as well as any donation of an amount greater than $1200.
FOLFAN considers its DONORS to be MEMBERS (as in "members of the FOLFAN community").

All donors receive

  • Informative FOLFAN e-newsletters
  • Invitations to participate in special activities in the park
  • Invitations to participate in volunteer activities in the park
  • An invitation to our attend our annual Wild Night event
  • The knowledge that you are part of the FOLFAN COMMUNITY and are actively helping to expand education and recreation opportunities and protect the natural and cultural resources of lakes Folsom and Natoma!

  1. Determining the type and amount of the gift you wish to make
  2. Completing and submitting the "Your Information" form below 
  3. Making your payment using a secure PayPal Payment Center (or mail us a check if you prefer)

If you'd rather NOT do this online, please use the form on the FOLFAN brochure which you can open, print, complete, and return (by mail) to the address on the bropchure.

Notes for Donors:
If you would like to be a FOLFAN Donor but remain anonymous to the public, please type the word "anonymous" in one of the "Your Information" form fields. We then promise not to recognize or list you (publicly) as one of our Donors.
If you wish to donate something other than a monetary donation, please contact our President, Linda McDonald, at


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