Friends of Lakes Folsom and Natoma (FOLFAN) is celebrating its 10th Anniversary in 2019. While we are proud of our accomplishments, one of our goals for our anniversary year is to increase our volunteer capacity so we can accomplish even more!

Won't you help us celebrate by becoming a part of our Volunteer Registry?

Our Volunteer Registry is new and we hope ALL of our members and fans, including our past volunteers, will complete our online registry form so we know what kind of volunteer activities interests each of you. It's not a commitment on your part; rather, the registry gives us the ability to reach out to those individuals who are most likely to say YES when we need volunteers for a specific project or task.

Volunteer interest areas include:

  • Eagles Nest Area (Educational) Support
  • Administrative Support
  • Membership Drive Support
  • Newsletter or Annual Report Assistance
  • Website Development or Maintenance Assistance
  • Writing, Editing or Proofing Assistance
  • Sales or Marketing Assistance
  • Youth Education or School Programs Assistance
  • Public Relations or Outreach Assistance
  • Interpretation Assistance (Cultural or Natural Resources)
  • Social Media Assistance
  • Trail Maintenance
  • Park Clean-Up Assistance
  • Adopt-the-Parkway Steward (ongoing role)
  • Special Event Assistance
  • Event Photographer or Photojournalist

The online Volunteer Registry form takes about 4 minutes to complete. And we promise to keep your registry information confidential. Please use this link:

Once submitted, if you wish to make a change, we ask that you fully complete a new form (using this same link) which will then over-write the information from your old form.

Please show your support for FOLFAN by becoming a part of our Volunteer Registry today!