Trails within the Folsom Lake State Recreation Area

1. South Lake Natoma Multi-Use Trail (dirt trail)

2. South Lake Natoma Multi-Use Trail (paved trail)

3. Parkshore Bike Path Connector Trail (paved trail)

4. Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail - aka American River Bike Path (paved trail)

5. Main Avenue Bike Path Connector Trail (paved trail)

6. Pioneer Express Trail - Lake Natoma Section

7. Middle Ridge Trail

8. Shady Trail

9. Mississippi Bar Service Road

10. Snowberry Creek Trail (dirt trail)

11. Pioneer Express Trail - Olive Grove Section (dirt trail)

  • Trail starts at Negro Bar, ends at Folsom Lake Crossing (or reverse)
  • Open to pedestrians and equestrians
  • Maps:

12. Pioneer Express Trail – Beal’s Point to Dike 4 (dirt trail)

 13. Service Road from Beal’s Point to Granite Bay

 14. Dike 4-6 Multi-Use Trail (dirt trail)

 15. Pioneer Express Trail - Granite Bay to Auburn SRA (dirt trail)

 16. Granite Bay Multi-Use Trail - South Section (dirt trail)

 17. Granite Bay Multi-Use Trail - North Section (dirt trail)

 18. Center Trail (dirt trail)

19. Doton’s Point Multi-Use Trail (dirt trail)

 20. Doton’s Point Trail - Accessible (dirt trail)

 21. Los Lagos Trail (dirt trail)

 22. Darrington Trail (dirt trail)

 23. Oaks Nature Trail - Accessible (dirt trail)

 24. South Fork American River Trail (dirt trail)

 25. Sweetwater Trail (dirt trail)

 26. Monte Vista Trail North (dirt trail)

 27. Monte Vista Trail South (dirt trail)

 28. Brown’s Ravine Trail (dirt trail)

 29. Mormon Island Cove to Brown’s Ravine Trail (dirt trail)

 30. Folsom Point/Dike 8 across Mormon Island Auxiliary Dam to Mormon Island Cove (dirt trail)

 31. Mormon Island Wetlands Preserve Trail (dirt trail)

 32. Powerhouse Canal Trail – Upper (dirt trail)

 33. Powerhouse Canal Trail – Lower (paved & dirt trail)

  1. Trail starts at paved trail on south side of truss bridge, ends upstream along river
  2. Open to pedestrians
  3. Map: (see Folsom Powerhouse SHP map)

 34. Waterfront Trail - Accessible (paved trail)

  1. Loop trail starts at Lake Natoma Crossing, ends at Lake Natoma Crossing
  2. Open to pedestrians
  3. Map:,-121.1824809,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x809ae152d1f7300b:0x49bd60c838ae499!8m2!3d38.6783861!4d-121.1802922


Photo courtesy of Jeff Barker