President’s Message 

It’s amazing how much the world has changed since August of 2009 when FOLFAN was founded. In California, the economy is recovering, population is growing, drought is reshaping our habits, and development is proceeding.

Like many people, I grapple with global issues like climate change and environmental protection. The concept of thinking globally and acting locally makes sense to me. Through my efforts at FOLFAN, I can make a difference, one project at a time. From our annual clean-up events, environmental education programs and support of recreation opportunities, FOLFAN is giving back to our beloved Folsom Lake State Recreation Area.

FOLFAN is one of 90 State Park Cooperating Associations throughout the state. This network of nonprofits serves most of the 279 state parks. These associations, with more than 27,000 members, provide critical funding for educational and interpretive needs that are impossible for state parks to meet.

Associations contribute more than $13 million annually to fund critical staff positions, exhibits, visitor center developments, junior ranger and nature walk programs, living history demonstrations, special events and many other exciting projects. While FOLFAN contributes a small fraction of that funding to our park, we believe that we still make a difference and we will continue to build up our contribution over time.

The Board of Directors and I have a vision that could someday include regular after school programs for kids, a mobile nature center and major habitat restoration projects. We plan to grow sustainably as an organization that can harness the great strengths of nearby communities, including youth, to fulfill our mission. We’re doing our best to get the word out and grow as a force that’s prepared to meet the challenges of the future for our local State Park.

We ask that you to give back in any way you can. One great way to do that is to become part of our FOLFAN community as a member, donor or volunteer. Your efforts to think globally and act locally can make a difference!

Linda McDonald, FOLFAN President