Memberships and Donations

FOLFAN is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit cooperating association that supports the Folsom Lake State Recreation Area. If you're not familiar with us or what we do, we encourage you to scan our website, review a few of our newsletters, and read one of our Annual Reports! If you're looking for a tax deductable donation, please check with your tax adviser.

You can support FOLFAN in a number of ways:

  • As a member-donor (see suggested annual gift levels below)
  • As a major donor (with a recurring or non-recurring donation of $500 or more)
  • As an Adopt the Parkway Financial Sponsor (with an annual recurring donation of $1,200 or more)

Many FOLFAN supporters also contribute by giving some of their time. We encourage that, too!

Suggested Annual Gift Levels
Acorn (Student): $10
Otter (Senior): $20
Deer: $25 - $49
Eagle: $50 - $99
Oak: $100 - $499
Granite (major donor): $500 and above

Note that these are just suggested gift levels; you do not need to feel constrained by these levels if you would like to donote a different or larger amount!

Adopt-the-Parkway Financial Sponsor Annual Donation: $1,200 and above

All the above are considered GIFTS (to FOLFAN). Those who provide the gifts are considered DONORS. FOLFAN also considers its DONORS to be MEMBERS of the FOLFAN community.


  • Informative FOLFAN e-newsletters
  • Invitations to participate in special activities and events in the park
  • Invitations to participate in volunteer activities in the park
  • An invitation to our attend our annual Wild Night event
  • The knowledge that you are part of the FOLFAN COMMUNITY and are helping to expand education and recreation opportunities while also protecting the natural and cultural resources of lakes Folsom and Natoma!